Monthly Archives: December 2011

Lucy’s CLR Podcast 131

CLR presents you a very special podcast by none other than Stroboscopic Artefacts founder, innovative dj / producer and much demanded remix artist Lucy.

Highlights of 2011

2011 came to an end and we can’t stop thinking about all the great moments it brought with it.

The Horrorist reporting his stay in Malta

Oliver Chesler is back in New York City and on his mac he goes to give us a report of the night.

PET Duo is High On Sound

PETDuo is so much in love with the music that they get high on sound. High On Sound, The Tour: DJ Set + Live PA

PET Duo & The Horrorist

Shift & Cubik are proud to be able to bring over the PETs and The Horrorist for a night of bone crunching bass in your face