DJ Rush

Shift & Cubik proudly present DJ RUSH at Liquid Club

DJ RUSH [Kne’ Deep / Cause Records]

Throughout the years DJ RUSH has committed himself to the art of rhythm & drums. Born in the big city of Chicago, his music is heard throughout the world, including such famous tunes as Spitball, I Love You, and Mutha Fucking Bass.  Quickly becoming a central figure in Chicago’s house scene, Rush’s uniqueness and individuality has always been portrayed in his productions and djing. “Not letting the music control me, but letting the music guide me”

Rush has conquered so many areas during his career, from small to big clubs, many festivals, such as SMS, Nature One, Summer Safari, Monegros and Awakenings just to name a few, to having his own festival Mystery Wonderland with his manager Tina and friends.

Being such a killing machine, speaker beater, bass cranker, Rush likes to leave his fans and supporters mind and body tingling after each set, wanting more, more, more and more, but keep in mind you don’t always get the typical Hard side of Rush; Rush combines all styles of music he love, from Jazz, Disco, Funk and Soul to make the events more interesting and keeping the people on their toes.

Shift & Cubik are proud to have The Major back on the island after an absence of 3 years from his last visit to liquid club for another bass stomping dance floor destroying set.

Supported by:

Jamez vs Mike, Manthrax, Shon Gamil & Darvas

Tickets are out at €20 from PCWise, Royal Impact, Fact and selected runners.

Infoline – 99909808

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