Shift & Badbox reunite to bring over one of Berlin’s upcoming Techno artist, Kobosil. Kobosil will be supported by Malta’s finest, Brian James

The event will be held at Buskett Roadhouse on the 25th of July and is limited to 150 people. Reserve your tickets from our online shop

Kobosil (MDR / Unterton // Berlin)

Kobosil‘s first vinyl release, his remix for Barker & Baumecker‘s “Silo”, released on Ostgut Ton at the beginning of 2013, impressed with it‘s punishing drive, subtle, hypnotic synth sounds, escalating hi-hats and crystal clear production and spawned all kinds of speculation who might be behind the previously unknown Kobosil name. Then his debut 12“ emerged just a few months after the “Silo” remix. With influences ranging from stark, raw machine techno, dark, purist, pumping acid, noise and distortion, the 4 bold tracks on this EP made a whole range of djs pick and play different titles from the 12“ and stand out productions “Emil” and “Think & Think” made their mark on techno dance floors way beyond Berlin. Another 4-track 12″ on Ostgut Ton’s sister label Unterton soon followed and the track “Osmium” from this EP was licensed for the FABRICLIVE 73 CD mixed by Panagea.

Simultaneously Kobosil introduced his dj sets as clubs started booking him on the strength of his first two releases alone and reports of fresh, no bars techno, informed by a whole range of electronic music styles, skilled mixing and well constructed sets followed. Kobosil had arrived and it wasn’t long before he made his debut on the Berghain Klubnacht floor. Hailing from Neukölln, Berlin, the only 22 year old Kobosil combines his talent with trained instruction, just about to finish a BA in audio production, which he studies since 2010, this young producer knows his stuff. An avid vinyl collector, he has an almost nostalgic, passionate approach to music, combined with a truly futuristic outlook on where techno is heading. Deeply rooted in classic origins but reinvigorated and pushing sound frontiers and limits.

All times classics

Locust: Lust
Yantra: Purple Strings
V-Room: V-Shaped
Tesox: Braindead II (DJ Skull Remix)
The Martian: Cosmic Movement
Sinoia Caves: Evil Ball
Jay Denham: War Dance
DJ Shufflemaster: Angel Exit
Polygon Window: Polygon Window
Somewhen: SRX

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