Shift, Badbox & Drome are proud to present one of the most requested acts in the world . . . MODESELEKTOR

If you took the loudest elements of techno, electro, grime, and even hip-hop, gave them steroids, and put them in a mind-bogglingly sophisticated studio in Berlin, you might get close to the Modeselektor sound.

Wildly diverse, and not afraid of a touch of humour in an often-austere electronic music world, the duo have spent most of the last 10 years conquering all before them, growing from early boundary-buckling outings on Ellen Allien’s Bpitch control to stadium scale takeovers of festivals like Sonar, where they’re one the few acts to be invited back for multiple performances. Their album ‘Happy Birthday’ encapsulated the off-the-wall, cross-genre appeal of their early releases, while recent years have seen them collaborating with Apparat as Moderat, a techno supergroup for the modern era.

Meanwhile, they’ve created a mini empire with their labels 50 Weapons of Choice and Monkeytown, kickstarting the careers of artists including Anstam, Siriusmo and Benjamin Damage, while bringing legendary veterans like Mouse On Mars comfortably into their schizophrenic fold.

Event Info:

Date: 19.12.14
Venue: Tattingers Club
Time: 22:00 – 04:00
Supported by: Faddy / Cain
Info: +356 99456217

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