Ostgut Ton Night /2

Shift & Badbox reunite for the 2nd Ostgut Ton Night in Malta on the 28th November at Liquid Club with Berghain’s stalwart Marcel Fengler & New York DJ and producer Anthony Parasole

Supported by: Cain

Marcel Fengler [Ostgut Ton / IMF / Berghain Resident // Berlin]

Techno according to Marcel Fengler has nothing to do with being a go‐getter or having an alternative career, it is way more than means to an end: it is his definitive and concentrated passion. In Marcel Fengler’s world, opposites attract. Ambient and electronica are equal parts in his sets that owe as much to the UK’s progressive school of relentless techno as they do to that special “Berghain sound”. A dictum created by music journalists and a description that is a diverging as Berghain’s resident DJs.

Being one of them since day one, Fengler made his very own and self‐confident contribution to that sound. He really knows his craft. Fengler’s DJ sets are characteristically offensive and dynamic, hard and consistent, but also surprising and emotional. In a realm that is dominated by technology and machines, his bright personality and the human aspect stay visible. You can feel his personal touch.
A similar versatility can also be found in his studio work. Marcel’s fondness for synth pads goes along with gloomy electro, hard and steady‐paced techno doesn’t compete with his sense for moods and deepness. His search for different parts that work as a whole is as visible here as it is in his DJ style. Marcel Fengler looks for quality over quantity. Nothing leaves his studio that hasn’t passed this test. Neither artificial shortage of releases nor coyness, this behaviour is essentially Marcel Fengler: passion before purpose.

Anthony Parasole [The Corner / Deconstruct / Ostgut Ton // NYC]

Anthony Parasole should need no introduction to newer or longer-standing denizens of the New York Deep House and Techno scenes. A longtime employee of halcyon, friend of Levon Vincent and partner in Deconstruct Music, and a prominent figure with the underground house and Techno resurgence of NYC, Anthony’s acute selections won our ears right away, and he hasn’t let go since. Known for the deepest sounds of Techno and House and for gracing multiple dance floors home and abroad from Shelter to Berghain; and Djing regularly across North America & Europe.

Anthony had a breakout year in 2012 with his track “ TYSON” featured on the highly acclaimed Fabric 63 mixed by Levon Vincent also the Launch of his new label The Corner COR-01 “Tri-State” by Dj Qu & Nor’Easter sold out worldwide and then released “Atlantic Ave” by Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa to highly critically acclaimed reviews on multiple online magazines in 2012. Then in 2013 seen the fast rise of The Corner in techno dominance as the releases came out each with high anticipation and highly recommended reviews to each release that resulted with The Corner landing on many year end lists including Resident Advisor’s top labels of the year ranked at number 8.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, Anthony Parasole has had a lifelong love affair with electronic music. Listening to radio shows playing the early dance tracks from New York, Chicago, and Detroit that really perked up his ears. His earliest experiences at the New York clubs and Storm Raves really blew his mind wide open. Not content to just be another party kid, Anthony began scouring the record stores for all of his favorite tracks. From the late-80′s to present day, Parasole is also huge into hip-hop. His engulfment in this gritty New York street-music is an influence on his style to this day, not only in his music but the entire culture.
2003 to 2007, Anthony was a House and Techno buyer at the Halcyon record store. Through Halcyon, a real pillar of the scene in NYC, Parasole made many contacts, and of course, multiplied the size of his record collection by carefully selecting all the best records from the store. He threw the “New Jack City” party at APT with his co-workers at Halcyon, bringing in many cutting edge talent from the Tri-State area. This party really increased Anthony’s exposure in New York, and led to many gigs at bigger clubs including gigs on dance floors as Pacha Nyc & Cielo amongst many other venues. He then launched the “Deconstruct Music” record label with his partner Levon Vincent. DEC-01 “Invisible Bitchslap” by Levon Vincent sold out in 1 week, and immediately put the label on the map and had Hardwax and other influential stores are clamoring for more! Parasole also founded the once famed House-N-Home loft-party series with partner Bryan Kasenic of The Bunker, House-N-Home left a everlasting mark and a blueprint in NYC warehouse/loft scene.
Now Anthony has had Productions out on his own labels The Corner & Deconstruct as well as a solo ep for Marcel Dettmann’s mighty techno imprint MDR, Parasole’s ep “Off The Grid” sold out in 2 weeks that then seen Anthony join Ostgut Ton bookings in December 2013 and has seen him tapped to remix Marcel Dettmann’s Seduction off Marcel’s latest album Dettmann II the remix single ep is out on Ostgut Ton. Anthony Parasole has been basically a fixture in the Berghain for years pushing his raw hard driving deep outer-space sound that fans have come to know and love.

More info:

Date: 28th November 2015
Liquid Club
22:30 – 04:00
€20 (more at the door)

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