Game Over /2 Feat. The Advent & Phil Moffa

Shift & Disorder reunite for the second edition of Game Over for 2015, this time featuring all time favourite The Advent and Phil Moffa.

The Advent [Live] (Kombination Research, Drumcode // UK)

London based Cisco Ferreira, or ‘The Advent’, can be described in many ways: a musician, a pioneer, a sound designer, a steady force, one persistent m*therf*cker, a rebel, an icon, an outsider, a great live artist…Mostly though, The Advent is known for his interpretation of what we call Techno. Ever since young Portuguese Cisco discovered Acid House in the London clubs he frequented, his journey has been about making his mark on the electronic music scene. Or, as he recently put it himself: “I’ve been doing this for quite a few years and I’m not going anywhere.” This sums it up pretty well; you won’t see Ferreira naked, shooting promo videos carrying a dog, or hear him publically worrying about the sincerity of the average EDM jockey. He’s everything about techno you’ve learned to love, without the circus you’ve learned to accept.

Phil Moffa [Live] (The Corner, Plan B // NYC)

At the helm of a spaceship-like console, in the basement of a space affectionately known as “The Music Building”, resides electronic musician, DJ, and engineer, Phil Moffa. His Butcha Sound laboratory is filled with both vintage analog equipment and the latest recording technology. On stage, he performs with an all-hardware setup, with samples and effects creating the soundbed for his own brand of techno. Moffa is an educator at the Conservatory Of Music at Purchase College and contributes to Resident Advisor, DJ Times Magazine, and Red Bull Music Academy.

Supported By: Manthrax / Mike / Fullster

Venue: Liquid Club
Price: €20 (More on the door)
Doors Open: 22:00 – 04:00

Ticket outlets:

Mosta: PCWise / Mosta Auto Dealer
Sliema: Junction
Tarxien: Royal Impact
Valletta: Junction
Gozo: Mr. Signs.

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